WTA Finals Prize Fund Bigger Than ATP


What qualifies a niche sport to you, anything less than the NBA? That would be a very restrictive list: football (both kinds), baseball - that’s a list of four sports. Less than a billion?

Tennis likely exceeds a billion when you add the revenues together.
I don’t have a hard rule but $150M is extremely low. Most mainstream movies are expected to make more than that.

Doesn’t impact my enjoyment of the sport, just surprising.


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LOL. Yes those well famous Chinese "social justice warriors" meddling in the "free market" to bankroll the WTA, in the name of "liberal politics" ...

Just a tip, try reading what you write before you post it to avoid making a complete and utter fool of yourself.
Those damn Chinese liberal millennials :-D


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You might be. The rest of us are discussing the WTA Champion taking home $2 million more than the equivalent on the ATP next week. Hint: the clue is in the thread title.

Apparently this has something to do with liberal politics, virtue signalling and social justice warriors. In your head.

In the real world, it's strictly business.
It is capitalism. Opposite of liberal politics and social justice. If it was social justice liberal politics tennis players wouldn’t be paid as much as they do now, and shared the prize money.
But for some in here it seems it’s more that they hate women for once were paid more.


Adult entertainment industry? Its a massive business.

I see a mrs america pagent, but never a mr america pagent.

How about nursing? There are many places women make more.
If there was an award for totally missing the point, it would be yours. No contest.


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Your poor TV is stuck on Fox News? That explains everything lol ...
I don't have Fox News. Never did.

Unfortunately here in the Balkans we only get Communist Nitwits Network, Al-Terroristira, Russia's Tyrant and Buggers Broadcasting Communism. No serious channels. Just PC ones that spread idiocy among the gullible masses...