WTA Player Catherine Harrison Understands Social Distancing & Explains How She Went 16 Weeks With No Tennis

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Navigating life as a tennis player is challenging and tough right now. This week, we chat with Catherine Harrison who explains how at one point in her career, she was not allowed to play tennis or leave the house for 16 weeks due to a severe injury. Her refreshing perspective and mindset are welcome as she explains how she spent the time, how she shifted to become more of a whole-food, plant based vegan athlete and how she competes now because of it! We also talk about: - Covid 19 Mental Health Check-in & navigating this time- How tennis began for Cat- Tennis Academy life- Homeschool tennis life- How she went from being committed to Georgia Tech but playing for UCLA- Injuries and Rehab- Not being able to play tennis for 16 weeks- Best and Worst days of her career- Being a plant based, vegan athlete and how she got there and why- Life advice as well as book recommendations! - and so much more...

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