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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by thalivest, Apr 4, 2010.

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    We should see alot of changes in the WTA rankings over the next few months. or starters Safina and Kuznetsova currently at #3 and #4. Both have a huge amount of clay court points to defend as the duo dominated the clay court season last year all the way through. There is almost zero chance of either coming close to doing that. The Belgians of course are back and are clearly the 2 best clay courters on tour so should dominate the entire clay court season like Safina and Kuznetsova did last year. Furthermore neither are playing with much confidence, and Safina is coming back from injury (or is she even) so either way their results will be alot worse and they will drop a ton of points. Not to mention the Wimbledon semi Safina almost surely wont defend. Both could drop out of the top 10 altogether especialy Safina.

    Jankovic could be one of the favorites going into the clay court season, doesnt have much to defend and could gain.

    Clijsters and Henin of course should gain a horde of points during the clay court season and even grass court season (I dont think either will win Wimbledon neccessarily but you dont need to in order to gain alot of points).

    So we should see some major ranking changes over the next little while.

    Venus at 5th could also move up. Even if she does nothing on clay and loses at Wimbledon again Safina and Kuznetsova just ahead of her now falling should already move her up. That is unless she doesnt already pass 1 or both after Miami already.
  2. YouJaySoup

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    the rankings are pretty screwed atm,it pains me to see the top seed Kuz crashing out early at both IW and Miami IMO based on current level of play

    1) Serena
    2) Clijsters
    3) Henin
    4) Venus
    5) Jankovic
    6) Wozniacki
    7) Azarenka
    8) Radwanska
    9) Safina
    10) Kuznetsova
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    Mar 23, 2010
    Wozniacki has 1590 points to defend, the hardest being Finals at Madrid and Charleston, and winning Ponte Verde (1300 points there). With only a R32 showing at Roland Garros, she can get a lot of points there. I don't expect her to lose #2 showing until after Wimbledon
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    i see radwanska gaining a lot of points in the clay court season she doesnt have much to defend
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    Jankovic, Aga and Serena could gain a lot of points in the upcoming clay season. Jankovic, apart from Marabella, did poorly on clay last year really, Aga was so up and down, and Serena didn't earn a single point before the French on clay I don't think as she went 0-3 on the stuff going in(or do you get points for Bye's, she had a bye or 2 last yr on clay). If Serena makes a Quarter or 2 she gains a small chunk of points...assuming she plays at all.

    Safina is going to plummet, for 2 years she has played well on clay, but her confidence is an an all time low, Clijsters and Henin, who are far superior on clay to her, are back, and she will nosedive. Kuzzy will fall, though not as much I don't think, at least not till after the French Open anyway (where I will be suprised if she survives to the quarters).

    Dementieva could gain some points, she wasn't really stellar on clay last year and could move up (assuming she avoids the belgians early on in these tournaments). Not that she stands a shot of winning the french, but she could gain some points.

    Woz and Vika...hard to say. Woz has a fair amount of points to defend, but as those around her are likely to not defend all of theirs, as long as she doesn't implode and stink everywhere she shouldn't fall out of the top 4 before the french I don't think. Vika isn't that great on dirt, she made the French Open QF last year and gave Safina a scare, but there are to many better dirt players than her and I Don't see her making any great strides. The summer hardcourt season will be the time for her to make moves, not the clay court swing.

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