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    Aug 6, 2007
    I know the season is underway, but I just checked out the WTA calendar for 2009.

    The first 6 weeks started out as it has the last several years. But then the week of Feb 15 there are 3 events - Dubai (the biggie) and Memphis and Bogota. It's always been a rarity for the women to have 3 events in 1 week.
    The following week there was Acapulco and this week Monterrey (Tier III or whatever they're calling them now). Then it'll be Indian Wells starting on Mar 12 and Miami on March 25 for 10 day events.

    So there are now 2 weeks in a row with no Tier I or II events going on? How strange.

    After Miami follows with Ponte Vedra (new event) and Marbella the same week - again smaller tournaments. Then Family Circle Cup, a biggie the same week as Barcelona.

    Then there's a week with no tournaments, I guess b/c the Fed Cup semis. Followed by Stuttgart - which is now an indoor clay event?? the same week as Morocco. Rome follows, held the same week as Estoril - another combo event. The new big, mandatory event in Madrid follows, with Warsaw and Strasbourg the week before Roland Garros.

    Seems strange that there are more pro events in central America and middle East (not exactly locales for professional women's sports).

    Then after Wimbledon there are 3 straight weeks of 2 events per week. All Tier III or $220K "International" tournaments. All on clay. All in small European cities. I'd like to know how these events are supposed to help promote the WTA? IMHO, they are basically "rest" weeks for the main stars, no required events, nor big events to miss.

    Istanbul continues the clay court, small European market the same week as Stanford. Then LA gets its own week - perhaps the only way to save this WTA event - it's attendance and appeal withers every year. Then the women glom onto the men again in Cincinnati for a revamped big-time summer event. Oh yes, just where everyone wants to be in the middle of August - sweltering hot Cincy! The Canadian Open (how many withdrawals this year), and the Pilot Pen in New Haven (does anyone even care about this tournament any more?) round out the US Open Series before the US Open.

    Seems to me the WTA had to go wherever the money was. But this is one roadmap with plenty of holes in it. And weird scheduling/marketing decisions too.

    Then again it's the WTA. Which is the Worse run Tennis Association in the history of the sport!

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