WTA Sudden Death League Eastbourne


Welcome to the 11th event of the 2019 WTA Sudden Death League season: EASTBOURNE

Play starts on Monday 24th June

WTA SDL SHEET IS HERE - Rankings 2019

Rules of the game:

1. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If she loses, you're out.

2. You can pick a player only ONCE. Obviously it's important to make smart choices in order to get far. If you have no picks remaining, you're eliminated from the competition.

3. You can't pick a player from a match that has started already.

4. You cannot advance to the next round via a walkover since it is hard to know exactly when someone announced they were pulling out HOWEVER this rule does not apply once you reach the semifinals

5. As you cannot win a match by a walkover it is highly advised that you make a back-up pick to your main pick. Your pick and back up cannot be from the same match. If so, back up will be invalidated.

6. If the player you picked retires during the match, you're out. If she retires before the match, your back-up pick will be used unless you change your pick before your back up match begins.

7. NEVER edit your pick. If you want to change your pick, please quote your old pick and choose a new player. Edited posts will not be taken into consideration.

We will be picking 5 pick's for this tournament. Our schedule is -

Pick 1: Round 1
Pick 2: Round 2
Pick 3: Round 3
Pick 4: Quarter finals
Pick 5: Semi Finals
Pick 6: Final


1 correct pick: 60
2 correct picks: 140
3 correct picks: 250
4 correct picks: 400
5 correct picks: 600
6 correct picks: 900

Good luck to everyone, the more the merrier.. It's all good fun.. :)

Please sign up here if you fancy having a go.

Previous Years are here -

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2014 WTA Sudden Death League 2015 WTA Sudden Death League
2016 WTA Sudden Death League 2017 WTA Sudden Death League
2018 WTA Sudden Death League

Remaining free picks for 2019.

@Aussie Darcy & @boredone3456 have 1 free pick to use.

1. You can use your free pick to advance if your player loses or retires during their match.

2. All free picks must be used before the last 16 of the Grand Slams/Miami/Indian Wells or before the last 8 of any other tournament and must be used before the WTA Finals.

3. Please nominate a winning player to replace your losing player.

4. Your next pick must be correct to gain additional points.
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Aussie Darcy

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R1: Kenin
BU: Ferro
Not sure if this is a allowed but there's a possibility Kenin could pull out since she just won Mallorca so if she does pull out can I swap her with Vondrousova. If she doesn't then i'll keep Kenin. If this isn't allowed then just disregard the post.


Welp....the new world #1 has withdrawn...making me wish I hadn't picked Konta R1..... ahhhhh....well

R2: Jabeur
BU: Vondrousova

Aussie Darcy

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If Strycova wins her 1R against Hercog can I please have her for my R2 pick. If she loses i'll go Wozniacki
BU: Kontaveit

This tournament has some poor scheduling.. Pliskova into the 3R after her 2R win and yet Stosur/Kenin and Bencic/Kudermetova haven't started and then Strycova/Hercog and Tsurenko/Diyas yet to start! Makes it hard if you're on the other side of the world!
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If I’m reading the info correctly two first rd matches did not start today in which case
R1 Bencic
BU Kenin


I updated the original post and I think got all the picks so far into the sheet for this tournament. I haven't tackled the rankings or race yet thats next on my list. Again I apologize for the delay, been wicked swamped and I know Boozy has stuff going on as well. Thanks everyone for your patience and best of luck this tournament :)


Cornet falling apart ends the tournament for me and the rest of us. Race and Rankings are up to date. No real changes except I move up to #7 in the Race. #1 in the race and rankings both up for major grabs at Wimbledon however.


@boredone3456 Emily and Milk of Am trophy of Birmingham haven't yet updated :). @emilyhex the clay queen is tied with @PDJ with most singles title!
yup I gotta get to that actually. I was more focused on the rankings and the race and after I said everything I was like...yup didn't do that actually LOL

Edit: Updated. and actually @emilyhex is now in a 3 way tie for most singles titles with @PDJ and @Boozyuzi....all of them have 4 singles titles. @PDJ however still leads with 5 overall titles.