WTB: Prestige Mids in 4 1/4 L2 gripsizes


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I'm starting a small collection of the Prestige Mid line-up.
Only looking for 4 1/4 L2 gripsizes (I want to hit with them too :)).
Must be in 8/10 condition or better, with all scuffing only on the bumperguards. I'd like the frames themselves to be clean

-Prestige Classic Mid/600
I actually want one of the TW SMU versions since it's a newer edition. With or without suspension grip is fine. Don't care about "made/designed in Austria"
-i.Prestige Mid
No rubber paint
-Liquidmetal Prestige Mid (I've got an offer for this one already)
-Flexpoint Prestige Mid
-Youtek Prestige Mid

Not looking for the IG one yet

Again, I highly prefer 4 1/4 L2 gripsizes and must be in good condition with minimal to no damage to the frame itself
Email offers and pictures
deebin @ gmail . com


UR-prestige mid : Head TXP Pro Professional white

I have one of these rare racquets, however the size is 4 3/8 or L3,
and condition is about 8/10 due to some wear to the red pin striping and one chip to the white finish.
If you are doing a Prestige Mid collection, you should include one of these.
There are several threads on this racquet if you do some research.