WTF 2010 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (2)

Who wins?

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Roger stepping up and showing his stuff. Rafa doing nothing at all. Moonballing with no pace.

And Rafa finally actually hits something.


I thought Novak was poor today against Federer. There were a few lapses in the beginning of the second set he could have really taken advantage of but he didn't and Fed composed himself and took the match easily. I actually don't think Roger has been tested all that much in this tourney, Ferrer and Soderling were hardly a challenge, Murray played the worst he's played in a while against him and tonight Novak was a pale shadow of himself, making U/Es all over the place. Not saying Fed hasn't played well but his opponents have made it rather easy for him to look great in my opinion.

And all this talk about Rafa looking gassed and tired; are people forgetting this is the same guy that played and won against Roger after his utterly devastating match against Verdasco in Australia last year? He recovered from that, he can absolutely recover from the match against Murray.
This whole post is true.


Pure sexi classy red Fed humble lover of fair Mirka presses his GOATable body against hers under the moonlight and asserts his master GOATNess.


Nadal seems a bit slower today... I thought he would've got that last ball on the last point of the federer serve...


So far this match is living up to my (high) expectations.

Also, I'm not sure why Drysdale brought up McEnroe when talking about textbook volleyers. I was honestly offended.