WTF 2010 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (2)

Who wins?

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Looks like the standard tactic used by Rafa is not working, and the effect of the low bounce court is evident. Rafa is good at making adjustments, the question is, can he do it now. First set his tactics were just too predictable.


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Man federer is untouchable when he plays like this. Every backhand he has hit today has been golden.

I dont think Rafa can stay with federer on this surface and he seems a little flat.
Rog isnt givin raf any cheap points form Rafas loopies to Rogs backhand. Thats what he normally gets points off. So now, will he attack or wait around for Rog's form to cool down a bit?


I don't want to get too happy. We all know what can happen! Lol. But Roger was great that first set.


My goodness, Nadal got absolutely squirted on in that first set.

I wish Federer had played this kind of game against Nadal over the past few years, instead of that wimpy-passive stuff thay lost him a couple of Grand Slams.


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Lol! Nadal much more aggressive already. I think he heard us.

Love hold Nadal.

Hopefully this goes 3 regardless of the outcome.