WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

Who wins?

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Before heading to London, he wrote this post, if you want to be successful like Stefanos, you should most definitely read this:

Let them be them, let us be us. All we do is think about the feelings that we hide, as we look towards the sky. Just keep breathing and seek what sets your soul on fire, it’s all about desire. In a relatively demanding world take time to gravitate towards sharing emotion as a flexion towards perfection with minimal deception.

Once you fail, don’t stop to sail, take the adventure that’s good to avail moments that knot your breath and, label your commitment to solidarity of choice in which you are to prevail. Whether connected or not, the discipline of the gratification remains resilient and forceful to provide empathy and lust.

I’m tired of made up stories that stash allegories, grieve, so that you can be free and feel the existent marvel of tranquility in which human variety presents a chance for a new beginning. - Tsitsipas, 2019


Glad Tsitsipas won, even though I didn't even bother watching. He's the far more talented HC player. Thiem is just older.


So sad to see Domi losing another tight one and having to hug the conqueror at the net, just like his Rafa match at the USO in 2018.
At least in that match Nadal played well to win. This match was all about Thiem choking. He was clearly the better player but weaker in the mind unfortunately.

Martin J

Great victory for Tsitsipas, beating the 6-time champion in the SF and now Thiem in the final! He's a young player and let's hope this big title boosts his confidence even more for the following years.
Regarding Thiem, even though the year looked promising after the Indian Wells (an ice-breaker for him when it comes to big titles), he lost two most important finals (RG and WTF) which has been the main story of his career so far, so it's hard to make any predictions about his future. He improved his serve and return, though, which is always positive.