WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

Who wins?

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Red Rick

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Tsitsipas has inherited Federer's talent of sheer unadulterated luck in shanking balls inside the lines


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This is why I slightly favored Tsists as to who I thought would win. He's been even keeled and high level all week, and even in a dead rubber match. Thiem has played a very high level as well but had a letdown against Berretini.
Yeah I thought Thiem's sightly higher firepower would win out but he doesn't have that same focus and intensity of the Djokerer matches.


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Really nice point there. Stef's defence is surprisingly good, but Thiem crushes another FH, now BP again.


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Felt like he went away a bit against Nadal, but apparently he wasn't giving it 100% - or so he says :laughing:
That's good for him to say. Any of the Big 3 would do the same in their own backhanded way if they were playing a dead rubber.


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did the commentator just say Thiem should drink some Coke to get his energy up......... Thiem aint no Kyrgios


I can't believe how Greece went from producing legends like Aristotle, Hippocrates, Diogenes to Stefanos "I like myself better naked" Tsitsipas
Excellent post. It is a shame really that TsiTsipas belongs to the land of the greatest thinkers and the most noble human beings to have ever lived. What a contrast.


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He's not the best loser for sure. I thought he gave it everything but Nadal toughed him out
Watching I think he took something off his groundies after set 1 and ended up playing more defence. Might be that Nadal took more time away from him but hard to tell.