Wtf is set up like the wwe


Nadal will lose to Med in the qualifing rounds, then defeat Fed after a tough match in the semis (he is old you know). Med will beat down djok again, but too tired and lets the Nike queen finally win the WTF.

Unless he stubbs his toe and has to default.


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Rafa after seeing Fed in the other side. Nadal should win this easy, id imagine they make djok and fed play the 3rd match of the RR so both are tired

'Tired' after a few 3 set max matches
These guys are used to going 5 sets in slams, as all the top 3 have done in the last few months in slam finals.

Get a grip with your 'tired' excuses.


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Zverev beating Roger and Novak on back to back days to take the title last year was a total ripoff of the night Jericho beat Austin and The Rock back to back.