Wth happened with Genie Bouchard?


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Once reaching final of a GS, being ranked #5, now losing to a 30yo with no rank and winning only 3 games?


She’s a pretty girl in tennis, and she thinks she’s prettier than she is.

She’s still really good at tennis,
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I heard her first coach say that she was a really hard worker. My swag is that sometimes when you try to make things better you can somehow make things worse. She's always hit the ball very flat and there is little margin for error in that. Just my 2 cents.
I believe she was a very hard working girl before reaching so many semifinals and final.

I used to read other forums then, don't know about TTW as I just discovered it, but the entire tennis community was very high on her.

She could have been good player. But fame got into her head and once results stopped coming at the same level,she just DIDN'T want to work hard to get her level back.

From their on it was a downward spiral.

She is barely a tennis player.

And God knows why everyone thought she looked pretty. She is at best average looking.


Bouchard is just at her low point in her game! She been trending down since 2014 but has gain some up and down success going into the U.S. Open when she slipped and hit her head. After that, she has not been the same player. Maybe she lost some confidence but she has struggled to comeback with no real success as of yet! This year is a measure for Bouchard. She will probably be ranked in the 300s that means no more WTA level tournaments other then WC entries. She will have to go deep in the ITF Transit Circuit tournaments just keep her existing ranking since she cannot compete in WTA tournament to defend her points.


I saw her at newport beach challenger. She wasn't just bad....she was awful What made matters worse is that she really did look like she was trying. It was ugly to watch. She looked good but she didn't look good.


What a fall, in 2014 she was being touted as a real slam contender. She's born in 1994, which makes her 25/26 which is still young in tennis terms these days, so there could be a comeback of sorts maybe with the right attitude and motivation.