WWW: 2013 AO Stan vs 2014 AO Stan

2013 Stan vs 2014 Stan?

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I thought Stan played better against Djokovic in 2013 but he was more clutch in 2014 and definitely a tad unlucky in 2013. But I think Djokovic's and Stan's 2013 level were both higher.


Nah, no way would he have beaten Novak at his favourite slam two years in a row. Just ain't happening.
I'm sure that point was break point though and Wawrinka was easily holding. Djokovic pretended it was out and stopped playing. No idea why Stan didn't challenge.

ah I see you mean Nole would've won 2014 instead? Possibly.


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2013. Does anyone remember the last 2 points in the Djokovic-Wawrinka match in 2014? I had the feeling that unconsciously Djokovic lost those points on purpose. He was too tired and at that point he felt he was not going to win the tournament.
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