Xtra Duty Penns......garbage ball or batch?

Opened a can for a session with my local bang wall and defuzzed it in 30 min's....writing on the ball was worn and it had an erratic bounce with a narly thing on the rubber seam.........I had been using a Prince ball for 4 or 5 sessions with expected usual wear....bought a bunch (made in Thailand)and will avoid balls made in China....Recently played with some wilson ATP's that were great....
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Probably a bad batch, but cheapo Penns in general become fuzzy and soft and horrible within 2 hours for me. If it's up to me, I'm never hitting with Penn Championship balls again. Can't speak for the ATP balls though.
These balls have been HORRENDOUS in quality lately. Ive bought bad batches from TW, TE, Costco and Walmart. I only use pro penns ore wilson open balls now. Worth the extra $$
I agree. I bought some Penn balls towards the end of last fall and they were like playing with a hard stone with absolutely no feel at all. My shoulder and elbow were hurting from the Penn XD balls. I now play with Dunlop ATP XD Championship which are lighter and softer.


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Sometimes balls are not stored correctly and that can negatively effect them even though each can is vacuum sealed--that's why I am wary of buying balls from big box warehouse stores.


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Cheapo Penns (the cheapo Willsons too) are frankly, just terrible--but then again their price should tell you that. The seams are rarely uniform and often cracked or crack after a few hits. The nap is likewise inconsistent--sometimes uneven, sometimes the fluff up and sometimes they don't (irrespective of surface). Oh and they hit like rocks until they go soft and then they hit like uninflated rocks. The money one "saves" does not compensate for their curbing of enjoyable tennis. One the other hand, they seem to be the preferred balls of dogs who like to chase them. Other than that, they are fine.