Yamaha Secret 10 and 10 II

Does anyone have specs on these rackets?

What did they play like? Were they solid rackets? What's the difference between a 10 and a 10 II?

Is it worth checking the bay to find a couple?


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The Secret 10 and 10II were both more flexible versions of the legendary Secret 04, from the same midplus (100 sq-in head), constant-beam mold. Made in Singapore. All of these have a variable-density stringing pattern (smaller grids near the center of the hitting surface, larger ones beyond towards the periphery), like many Wilson frames.

If I recall correctly, the difference between the 10 and 10II was the weight spec... I have a vague recollection that the II was lighter in its stock form than the 10... :?

The 10 was a standard-weight widebody racquet of the day that wasn't arm-killingly stiff and really nice to play with... sort of a preview of "modern" power racquet performance, but in a more arm-friendly package than today's stuff and with better ball feel. Yamaha tennis gear was also quite well made, and the 10 and 10II don't (yet) have the "cult" status of the 04, hence, tend to be cheaper to buy on auction (but are maybe not as plentiful?). Definitely worth a look! :)
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Hey guys, just looked in my closet and found one of these that I picked up in a trade awhile back, thanks for the information, I'm going to put it up for sale.