Yamaha Secret Tennis Racquet



What is the story behind this racquet? It seems to be sought after by some racquet afficionados. Is there something special about it? What is the connection to Gosen? I keep hearing about people looking for pre-Gosen Yamaha Secret racquets. Thanks.


no Secret behind the Secret..Secret04 right? heavy..widebody..stiffer than should be legal...people went for the gunmetal gray finish that was kind of mottled...wasnt desired in it's time...seems to be now...am not aware of any connection w/ Gosen


... its a Secret....

It's an older racket that has a following among those that like the stiff rackets now but also like some weight on it too. It's a decent racket, but its too stiff for me.


Apart from Yannick Noah using it when he made a brief return to the top ten I don't know what all the fuss was. Very powerful but excessively stiff. Looked nice but only for those rare players who have elbows made out of tungsten.


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Secret series of rackets were made by Yamaha which stopped making them and sold the molds to Gosen. Gosen waited a number of years and decided to re-introduce it and name it Gosen Secret Carbon. Some say the Secret 04 and Secret Carbon played similar but not quite the same. The Secret 04 was the stiffest racket to be found during that period of time.


AndrewD, are you saying Yannick Noah has elbows made of tungsten?!?!

ps, what was the babolat stiffness rating on this stick??? please don't tell me it's a secret or I'll get Yannick to deliver an elbow full of tungsten into your skull.
I happen to find it quite nice. Stiff but without vibration. swing better than the wilson 'Profile'. No need to have strong elbow. I am also using the max 200g but find the racket 'fun'.


I play with Secret 10 Mid and it is my choice among the Secrets. There is a significant difference to me in stiffness and weight making this Secret the most appealing. It has worked for my game.


I used the gosen secret carbon which , from what I have been told by people who used the yamaha was identical. This was one of my favourate rackets of all time. No arm problems, but plenty of power and control. I would recommen it to anyone


i'm sure that varied by area, but the areas i played and taught in, the Yamaha yfg30 was immensely popular earlier on (red not black), but not the Secret later on.people were using the Wilson Profile instead in great numbers..i always thought of the Secret as a better Profile...clublike weight and stiff like crazy and a much cooler look....but i'm not doubting you