Years where the believed womens and mens #1 differed from the ATP/WTA year end rankings


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What are some years in tennis history that the person who finished as the computerized #1 in either the ATP or WTA was not generally viewed by most, or anyone, as the true #1, and it was someone else. Some that I can recall would be


1977 Connors- Experts and fans were split between Borg and Vilas, with Borg probably getting the nod as both ITF and wikipedia #1. Connors was considered a distant 3rd, just a paper #1 on the computer.

1978 Connors- Borg was viewed as clear #1 by everyone. Despite being 2nd best as opposed to 3rd best, Connors was even more of a paper #1 than 77, where you could atleast make an outside argument for him against Connors and Vilas. None could be made for Connors in 78 despite the computer.

1982 McEnroe- McEnroe technically ended the year on top but slamless. Connors who won Wimbledon and the U.S Open was clearly viewed as the games #1 this year, despite the computer rankings.

1989 Lendl- While Lendl did end the year #1 on the computer, Becker was unanimously seen as the games best that year, and swept all the Player of Year awards. The most important sources like the ITF and wikipedia rated him #1 for the year, as well as the less important ones like the ATP, French Tennis Magazine, and Tennis Magazine.

1999 Agassi- This one I bold as it is a unique one. Unlike these others most believe Agassi deserved his official #1 ranking on the computer. However most believed best player to be Sampras who owned Agassi completely, and outside of a meaningless RR match at the YEC won 7 straight sets against him. And almost certainly would have won the U.S Open and ended the year on top but was a last moment injury just prior to his 1st round match at the Open.

2013 Nadal- This is another fairly clear cut one. Nadal ended the year as computer #1, but most regarded Djokovic the true #1 of the year, including the most important sources such as the ITF and wikipedia which both selected Djokovic over computer #1 Nadal as this years #1.


1978 Navratilova- While Navratilova ended the year #1 on the computer, most believed Chris Evert had the best year and was still the games best player, including the ITF who selected Chris over Martina as that years Player of the Year, and the prestigous wikipedia group, and less relevant sources like both French and U.S Tennis Magazine.

1987- Navratilova/Graf Graf ended the year at #1, and while she had by far the better overall record on the regular tour, Navratilova herself proclaimed with reaching all 4 slam finals and winning Wimbledon and the U.S Open, the 2 biggest tournaments, while Steffi had won only the French Open, she was still the rightful #1. Opinions are divided which of the 2 deserved #1 this year.

1994 Graf- While Graf ended the year ranked #1 on the computer, most regarded Sanchez Vicario as the games top player at years end, far outperforming Steffi in the slams this year, and also ending with a winning head to head with Graf, and similar tournament count and W-L.

1999 Hingis/Davenport- This one I am bolding too as it isnt as straightforward as the unbolded ones. Hingis ended the year #1, but many believe Davenport had the better year, including the WTA who named Davenport their Player of the Year over Hingis, as well as French Tennis Magazine who also picked Davenport at #1 for the year.

2000 Hingis- Hingis ended the year at #1, but nearly everyone had either Venus Williams or Lindsay Davenport as the top player of this year.

2001 Davenport- Davenport ended the year #1 but the true #1 of the year was seen as only between Venus and Capriati. Ultimately Capriati swept almost all the Player of Year awards.

2004 Davenport- While Davenport ended the year #1, the choice for true #1 of 2004 usually boils down to a split between Sharapova and Henin.

2008 Jankovic- While Jankovic ended the year #1, most of the Player of Year awards and recognition of best player for this year went to Serena Williams.

2010 and 2011 Wozniacki- Despite ending the years ranked #1, Wozniacki is not really recognized as the best player of either year, which is typically Clijsters for 2010 and even more clearly Kvitova for 2011. Kvitova in fact did not lose a single Player of Year award, winning all 7 or so in existence, Wozniacki being picked by nobody as that years top player apart from a computer.

2012 Azarenka- While Azarenka had a very good year, and was a solid enough #1, the consensus at years end still weighted Serena as the games true #1 and top player, and she like Kvitova the year before swept the Player of Year honors.

2017 Halep- Despite Halep's Year End #1, Garbine Muguruza is generally regarded as the games top player that year, and swept virtually every Player of Year award.

What are some that come to mind for you?

Interesting and a bit surprising there seem to be many more women than men. Is this due to the ATP ranking system being generally superior and more accurate than the WTA to determining the best player, or a factor more related to the players themselves?