yes or no : djokovic will win four more wimbledon


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i really dosen 't hope that djoker wins four more wimbledon
i could see this possible
next gen so suck at wimbledon grass
they 're don 't know how to play grass

and djoker 's serve is so effective in grass and his return is all time best

and another thing is fed is almost 40 in 2021 wimbledon
i really certin that 2021 wimbledon is federer 's last chance to win nine wimbledon title

if djoker win four more wimbledon , that 's nine wimbledon
he will be the king of grass


Nah... I usually like your threads but this seems bold.
I'm a Nole fan, but I can't see him winning 4 more. I'm not sure he will win 4 more GS titles.

However, I think Wimbledon is his best slam(Compared to the field) nowadays. I think he isn't done winning, and I can see 2 more, not easily. I hoped he could win 3 more and tie Federer's record, but without 2020 it's highly unlikely.
I can see Nole competitive at 36/37, so he has 3/4 more shots in my opinion. But he won't win all of them. That would be 5/6 in a row in his mid 30s, a crazy task. I would sign now for 3 more, without any doubt.


That would be extremely difficult for Novak.

A bold prediction that i can actually see happening is Rafa or Novak becoming the US Open King with 2 or 3 more USO titles.
Whatever minor chance there was of this (already would have been slim to none) is done after Cov-id 19 and the cancellation of Wimbledon 2020.
The field would really have to suck for Novak to get 4 more Wimb titles.
Yes the state of the mens game would have to be extremely depressing. Although the interesting thing about the up and comers is few of them are clay courters and none of them seem to be grass courters. I am saying I neccessarily fully expect it, but I could see a scenario Nadal keeps winning French Open and Wimbledon becomes Djokovic's pet slam in the coming years, with the pitiful up and comers finally rising enough to take over hard courts. Grass imparticular the current young players all seem to be uncomfortable on.