Yet another word game

"Join the party" phrase is augmented a bit to keep a poetic rhythm in the classic Mel Brooks film, "The Producers"..."Don't be shtuppid, be a schmarty, come and join the Na-zi Party" was the line and "Springtime For Hitler" was the song.
1967's San Francisco hip community traveled south 120 miles to Monterey to start the summer right with a pop festival that featured a rather wild performance from a 24-year-old lefthander guitarist from Seattle backed by two English musicians. I'm wondering how many in the audience had ever seen a Wild Thing that set a guitar on fire???
I am familiar with The Badlands of South Dakota, which are partially carved by the Little Missouri River and were named that by French explorers commenting on the rugged terrain they experienced in traversing the "mauvais terres" (badlands).
Names given are guilty until proven innocent.

Soviet Tradition of Snitching Makes Comeback in Russia

A soviet propaganda poster from 1954 urges against snitching which, the poster says, may "help the enemy."

Last week Anna Reshyotkina, editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine in Yekaterinburg, was unexpectedly summoned to the Prosecutor's Office for a 30-minute conversation about the cover of the May issue.

She was asked to explain who was responsible for putting a photo of Sofia Nikitchuk — this year's Miss Russia — draped in silky material in the colors of the Russian flag under the headline "The Taste of Victory" on the cover of Stolnik, a local lifestyle magazine.

Prosecutors told Reshyotkina that the probe had been prompted by a request from an unknown individual, who was apparently offended by the cover and thought it desecrated the Russian flag, a criminal offense that carries up to a year in prison under Russian law.

"I was not told the name of the person who was offended by our cover," Reshyotkina told The Moscow Times, adding that the summons from prosecutors had taken her by surprise. Prosecutors have not contacted Reshyotkina since the meeting, she said.

The phenomenon of informants appealing to state bodies such as the Investigative Committee has become rife in recent years, prompting some pundits to draw parallels with the purges of the 1930s, when people would denounce their neighbors, colleagues and love rivals to improve their living conditions, advance their career or curry favor with the authorities.

"Everything is sliding back to 1937: denunciations, secret informants and squealers," said Irina Khaly, a senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
His recent performances aren't analogous to how he may fair in the next 2 years where he might win a couple more slams and possibly an Olympic Gold in Men's Singles...his current state of productivity in terms of culling titles is really a mismeasure.
National Lampoon film "Animal House" set the bar pretty high for classic scenes, including "Food Fight", "Toga Toga Toga", peeping Bluto on a ladder, horse heart attack, homecoming parade hijacking and the immortal line of advice from Dean Wormer to Delta House pledge Dorfman, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life,son."