Ymer destroys camera


Today i heard former world no.4 Jonas björkman mention that ymer won't play in Swedish tournaments without appearance money comparing himself to zlatan ibrahinovic even though he is no. 88 in the world and has won zero tournaments! Lol

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People have forgotten that Djokovic is a very talented redesigner.

This is a direct result of the consequences not being tough enough effectively strong enough to stop the behavior in other players, especially ones more famous than he....and ones specifically getting lots of positive attention in spite of very bad behavior. That sociologically usually causes the bad behavior to spread. Others think "he does it, why can't I?". Talking a lot about Kygrios and Med. I even saw one of the female players do something I hadn't expected at all the other day, And Joker kept purposely bumping that camera two matches in a row...right after the Kyrgios drama played out on Saturday.