Ymer to ask Edberg for coaching


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Since OP is being serious about Ymer waiting for Federer to retire, I shall offer a serious option too.

Instead of hiring Edberg, Ymer should wait until Sinner retires.

In the meantime, Ymer will accumulate a 0-26 H2H vs Sinner. That way he gets to respect Sinner's opinion even more.
good to see some of the young players have (at least an ounce of) good taste :)
the ymer bros seem to be nice guys... I hope they do well.
“Chang was my father's favourite, but I take a lot from many players,” Elias Ymer said. “In tennis, it has to be [Rafael] Nadal for his unbelievable fighting spirit. I read Mike Tyson’s book. People talk about his bad stuff but he had the mentality I needed on the court.”
Holy bulll...... my (very) bad.
(sure they didn't mistranslate kyrgiøs or tømic from Swedish?) :unsure:

Minor update: please replace my last statement by 'all those #NEXTFMUGS have bad taste and suck beyond belief'
(and may he get jack sock as a coach)

Thank you.

Re-edit: just saw it was Elias speaking!!! :laughing:
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My point is why not wait for Federer to retire and get him instead?


There’s another Swedish coach with an academy and a track record of building a multi-slam multi-surface champion. I’m sure Wawrinka would share Magnus Norman.


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Edberg may have helped build the skills that got Fed the slam in 2017. It would be interesting to hear Fed's views on this matter.
RF started winning slams again the moment Novak became AWOL. As soon as Novak was back, RF stopped winning slams.

RF was playing AS WELL in 15-16 as in 17-18 but 15-16 Novak beat him 3 slams in a row...
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