Yonex Doesn’t like Size 12..


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Why will yonex not provide a UK size 12 in any of their shoes?????

Look everywhere on UK sites, European sites and US sites but it’s always the same story. UK Size 11.5 and UK 12.5 but nothing in between. EVER.

I might not even like them but I’ve always been impressed with their rackets so no reason I wouldn’t like their shoes.

Is 12 an unlucky number in Japan? Or are we just considered less important than other smaller/larger sized shoe wearing customers?!? Does Yonex hate me?!


I see they don't offer that size in UK ....but that would be size 12.5 in US and they don't off it here. They do offer a size 12 in the US which would be 11.5 in UK....so who knows what's going on.