Yonex Dr 98 specs help!!

Hello! Quality 4.0 level player here.... but I am in need of some help.

I currently play with the Yonex Ezone Dr 98. Poly Tour 125 string at 52lbs. (No added weight).

To make a long story short, string broke, so I pulled out my old Babolat Aeropro drive 2010 100sq. In frame. Genesis string, probably 5 years old.

Where can I add weight to bring my Yonex up to spec with the old Babolat?
Crazy to think, but I would like to try it. It felt if I could bring it up to spec and toy around with it, I might improve its performance slightly.


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Those two frames are very different from each other. Everything about them are night and day. All you can do is add some lead to the hoop of the DR. I can't say how much because I don't know what either of your racquets weigh or what the balance of them are. But they will never play or feel the same.


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Sounds to me like you are trying to make a prince TT feel like a wilson 6.1 I dont know where you're going with that idea but honestly it will probably not work.

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You are asking us how to add weight so 11.5 oz 6hl 325sw racket turns into 11.3oz 4hl 330sw racket

Answer is it can't be done with just adding weight, you have to take some off the handle as well.

The only easy way to take off weight down there is to remove the butt-cap trap door, but with that you are still over the babolat weight and the grip is already slim and light so there is nothing to take off there.

That leaves you with only one option to get specs lined up - drill out some of the foam in the DR98 handle - that gets kinda scarry.

Here is my recommendation: Forget trying to match them, Take the trap door off, 1-2 grams on V throat 2grams at 9+3 and 1 gram at 12.

Also, I find Cyclone 1.25 to play superior to Poly Tour in this racket.