Yonex enthusiasts Chris, Troy , sean


It seems you three have listed Yonex racquets as a favorite or in your top 3
So I currently have really enjoyed the Yonex E Zone 98 + the crisp feel on ground strokes , the serve advantage, however seems to cause lateral wrist discomfort. I don’t believe it’s the weight as if I take several days off go to a customized Pure Strike 18x 20 weighted to be 12.3 oz no issues
So I think it is the extra 1/2 inch. So any standard length Yonex with similar crispness and power of the Yone E Zone 98+

TW Staff


The closest feeling racquet, with a standard length, is the EZONE 98 (305). We found the avg. stiffness to be lower by one point compared to the EZONE 98+, so it may be a bit more comfortable feeling for you. It will be a bit less powerful than the plus version, but you could potentially add some head weight to help compensate for that. The VCORE Pro 97 (310) has pretty good comfort, having a relatively thin beam, but it will be a more control oriented racquet. It has a crisper feel compared to previous iterations of the VCORE 97. Lastly, the VCORE 98 (305) has easy access to power, and spin, but will play a bit more stiff than the EZONE 98 (305). This may not be an issue for you since, the weighted up Pure Strike 18x20 does not seem to cause you any problems.

Troy, TW