Yonex EZONE 100L vs Babolat Pure Strike 100 Team


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Hello there!

I'm a 3.5-4.0 intermediate tennis player and I would like to change my current racket, and I can't seem to decide between "Yonex EZONE 100L" and "Babolat Pure Strike 100 Team", to fit my continental grip and my one handed backhand.
Currently I'm using an Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS, with 6 grams of lead at 9 and 3, but I hit the frame way too often, and I find that the sweet spot is not as large as I woul need. I use to play with Wilson Blade 98 16x19, Babolat pure Strike 98 18x20, but both were to hard on my arm and to heavy to let me develop my technique.
So, I would like some opinions on this subject such that I can decide on which racket would be the best fit.

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Stretchy Man

I don't think racquets are designed with a particular grip in mind. It all comes down to user preference. If you want a bigger sweet spot then you might want to consider a heavier racquet. Of the lighter racquets I've used, Prince Textreme 100T had a decent sweet spot for a light racquet, while the Ezone Team had a tiny one.