Yonex Ezone - finding a replacement (base) grip



The Yonex ezones 2018 and 2020 versions both come stock with the Yonex Synthetic Leather Excel Pro Replacement Grip (AC128EX). I didn't really like the grip's contoured grooves. (I prefer a more smooth even surface handle). On my ezone 2018 I re-wrapped the stock grip using the same replacement AC128EX grip but with tighter overlaps to try eliminate the grooves. I ended up stretching it and using almost the whole replacement grip (barely trimmed anything). The overgrip ends up following the same pattern so I end up barely trimming the overgrip as well. This leads to a slightly thicker handle.

Installed the Wilson shock shield on my ezone 2020. It definitely added more weight and some thickness compared to the stock grip. I stretched it tight during install, and bevel definition seemed fine (as I have seen some complaints about this). The gel cushion was okay... the gel sample outside the packaging seemed way better than the actual gel used. :rolleyes: The quality of the shockshield was a bit cheaper than expected. In the end, with an overgrip it felt a bit too thick. The wilson felt best without an overgrip, but then tack & durability becomes a concern. So moved on because not using overgrips didn't seem like an option.

Keeping in line with brand loyalty decided to order this Yonex leather grip. (Seems like the US tennis retailers do not really carry yonex replacement grips) This leather grip is about 4-5g heavier than the Wilson shock shield. Quality is very nice, and installed fairly easily. The grip is definitely a bit more firm, and the thickness didn't really go down.
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I'm sure the Yonex Leather is a fine grip, I happened across technifibre's leather grip and really like it.