Yonex liner tech, did it cause the muted feel?


Thinking about my many and varied yonex’s and the muted feel that’s crept in, in recent years. Lock booster was touted as a feature and a new tech on earlier vcore pro type racquets. So locking the string and preventing any movement at the grommet was advertised as an advancement. Now with liner tech we have the complete opposite, with Yonex and others promoting that string moving at the grommet and seemingly also a muted feel as the result is a good thing. Or, is it a coincidence and the muted feel is from changes in graphite and handle vibe tech? I’d like to see liner tech dumped and see if the muted feel disappears along with it.
Anyone else have views on this?


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Liner tech is about string angles on grommet hole entry and increased movement beyond the grommet. Very different things. Sharp angles make fragile string even more prone to breaking at those particular points.
Construction wise liner tech is good. Lock booster system is not, Babolats woofer was good though.


Vcore 95 2018 vs 2021. First has that raw connected feel the later is muted. The later has VDM. I find Yonex technology to be pretty accurate at what it does…dampen the F**k out of the frames.