Yonex PTP vs PTF vs PTS?


how many people are able to play with all 4 round yonex poly strings in the same racquet at the same tension?
(i added air as a late contender, hence title)

  • i always thought Poly Tour Air was PTP with some softening/absorbing outside layer

  • i thought Poly Tour Fire was PTP with a silicone coating for extra sliding..

  • recent yonex packaging lists Poly Tour Pro as "soft", and PTF being "hard".
    but also over the years... it seems like yonex's description of their string's stiffness changes and is all over the place.

  • i have not been interested in Poly Tour Strike, as it was supposed to be their hardest/stiffest string.
    but i saw tennis spin say it felt perhaps the softest... video link

how would you describe the difference between these strings in terms of power, spin, control, softness/comfort?
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PTS is deffo not the softest. I’d be surprised if any of those are softer than PTP. PTP is a super nice string for a couple of hours but since I don’t string my own frames and I’m not interested in restringing every week, no-go for me. PTS lasts a lot longer, is much lower powered (a plus for me) and feels nice enough.