Yonex Rdis 100 MP and Prince O3 Red for Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by caleba94, Apr 11, 2012.

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    The Yonex is an 8/10. The racquet would be near mint except for the fact that there is scratches on the top bumper guard and along the sides of the frame. . The grip is fine, and it was strung 2 weeks ago with very little playing time since then. It's a Yonex Rdis 100 MP and it looks great. The original red grip is still there underneath a wilson overgrip and the grip size is 4 5/8. The racquet plays and looks great and has great reviews on Tennis Warehouse. The racquet shines during serving especially and it's a great overall frame from anywhere.

    The other racquet is Prince O3 Red. It has some scratches and things from average playing time but it's in about the same condition as the Yonex 8/10. It has one spot where the paint chipped off on the left side but that's about it. the strings are nice but not as nice as the new ones on the Yonex.

    Price: $80 each shipped or best offer.
    I will be selling 1, whichever sells first.
    The price is a little higher than it should be for the frame but you have to remember that that is the price with shipping included. The racquet will be shipped from Illinois.
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    I'd also look at any trade offers. but you'd have to have great references or be willing to ship first.

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