Yonex VCORE 330 vs 310 + Lead Tape


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Hey guys,

Looking for advice - demoed both the Yonex frames and was very pleased with both of them. I did find the 330 slightly too heavy, and the 310 slightly too light.

I could get slightly more racket speed with the 310 and naturally it was a bit more maneuverable on volleys etc.

I have shoulder problems, so I was wondering if you guys can shed some insight onto the pros and cons of getting the 310 and just adding lead tape.

I don't see any disadvantages about the 310+lead. The only one i can think about is the stability but if you add the lead at 3&9 you have nothing to be afraid of. I think that is the best way to go because with lead at 3&9 you won't have much increase of the swingweight so the shoulder would be ok.