Yonex Vcore 95 use with either Poly Tour Strike, Solinco Confidential, or Hybrid (Gut)


It pairs well with a crisper string. Both strings are pretty crisp. I played it with the strike mainly and liked that way better than with poly tour pro. Strike is also pretty comfortable when strung low.


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Very good with Poly Tour Strike, but got to be prepared to swing hard at every ball! As other said, stringing low will do wonders to have more forgiveness


I tried several polys (YPTP, Confidential, Alu Power, Lynx Tour...) but I found that I had to go pretty low on tension to get some power (46-48 lbs) and strings started getting out of place very early. Also, I just don't really love the feel of low tension poly and coming from a 18x20 pattern launch angle got too high.

The best of the bunch was Lynx Tour 17, so I decided to try and hybrid it. I tried gut mains and didn't like it, again too high of a launch angle without much spin, and I wouldn't say LT works well as a cross. Then I tried Lynx Tour mains and gut crosses @ 55/58 lbs with 10% prestretch on the gut and OMG, it played like a dream. Gut is getting expensive tough, and paying that much for a cross string is not worth it in my opinion so I have finally settled on LT 17 mains/Velocity 16 crosses at 55/58 lbs with no prestretch and it is good enough for me. I also add 2g (total) of lead at 10 and 2 to get the SW to 320 and have a leather grip on. I think I have racquets for years.

Bear in mind that I play in a pretty hot and dry place and at some altitude, I would go down 2-3 lbs both mains and crosses if I had to play at sea level. Also, string movement with this kind of hybrid does happen for the first 20-30 min if you hit hard, then the stringbed gets kind of locked and plays the same for about 2h before the crosses start fraying (that's for me playing at about 4.5-5.0 level and stringing my own racquets with an electronic machine). I know a lot of people in these boards are always preaching about the benefits of mains snapback and finding the smoothest cross, but for me as a person who hits more 'through the court' (which is not the same as flat) it just makes the stringbed less predictable. There are a few pros that play gut crosses but they dont pay for it haha :laughing:
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I've used confidential before, 17, around 48 lbs. I've only done full poly. Nothing as advanced as Fed Ex. I've preferred full PTP or PTFire though to the confidential.