Yonex Vcore Pro 100 (300g) 2021 vs Yonex Ezone 100


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Howdy! My current racquet of choice is the Babolat Pure Strike 3rd gen 16x19, which I absolutely love but am currently looking for an alternative racquet due to starting to feel some arm soreness/tingling at the elbow area and I'm afraid of developing a tennis elbow down the line. I'm a 4.0 player and have been playing tennis for about 2 years now and I'm more of an aggressive baseliner type of player that VERY rarely goes to the net. My game is all about deep balls with lots of topspin.

I've just demo'd both of these yonex rackets and absolutely love both and found both very comfortable to hit with. I've also demo'd the older gen of the Vcore Pro 100 (300g) which I found it to swing the most similar to my PS but with just a a LOT less power, which the new Vcore Pro 100 (300g) 2021 version did somehow address, providing a tad bit more power.

My main concern however is the long term comfort aspect of the racket. I noticed Yonex added the Vibration Mesh Dampening tech (VDM) to the new Vcore Pro, the same tech which the Ezone line have and after doing quite abit of research on the Ezone 98 vs 100 sticks, and the consensus seems that both of these do provide a very good amount of comfort in the long run.

I am currently leaning towards the Vcore Pro 100 (300g) 2021 stick since it most ressembles my PS in terms of playing, but would like to probe for some opinions from you guys on whether any of you has had any issues with this racket thus far? I do understand it has just been released but has anyone felt any elbow pains what so ever after many play through with this racket?