Yonex Vcore Pro 100 Alpha


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Does anyone know how this line differs then the non alpha. I'm interested in the 290gram model. Is the 290g just available outside of US? The 300g is too heavy and 280g is too light in the non alpha.

bob vdr

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Alpha's are different from normal models, but not by much.
For the latest Vcore Pro models - the frame is 1mm thicker (22mm in the alpha, vs 21mm in the non-alpha); the graphite composition is a bit different as well (alpha features Nanomesh Neo, non-alpha has NAMD). Swing weight is closer to the 280g non-alpha version, but balance is closer to the 300g version.
Lastly, the Alpha models are manufactured in China, not in Japan, so QC may be a bit lower.
The little feedback I found about the alpha models (VCP or Ezones) has been pretty positive and people seem to be pleased with the build quality as well.


Would anyone else have any feedback on the Vcore Pro Alpha 290g racket, specifically?

(And how does it compare to the Vcore Pro 100 300g model?)


Hi All
I’m not sure where to introduce myself
43 years old, right handed, 2 hands backhand, 3.0 player (30/1 in France). Played tennis for 40 years as a recreational player - started again 2 years ago with my 2 oldest sons

I used to play with Babolat Pure drive, tried the Prince 100p when coming back to tennis (but lacking free power) and currently playing with Artengo TR900 285gr which is great ... but I’dlove to try a yonex ... and the Alphawith 290gr + mix between control and power seems to be right on spot .

did anyone tried it ? Hiwdoes it compare to Pure drive team (my 1 son), pure aeroteam (2 son), 100p or my current Artengo

Thanka a lot !