Yonex vcore pro 97 closest new racket


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I have 2 Yonex vcore pro 97 rackets from 2018 that I love. The navy and orange color. Recently one of them seems to hold newly strung racket for one or two plays and then seems too lose. I string both rackets with same strings and tension. One will last about a month playing 3xs a week before I notice it’s starting to give. I’m thinking there might be a tiny crack I can’t see or it’s just dead.

I want to find a new racket like this. I cannot find any to by new of this version. Is there another one just like it. Is the 2019 the same with a new paint job? I see the 2021 for sale that are new. Are they similar? I don’t know what all the letters are about D and H. I really like this racket and just want a new second one. Or let me know how close the 2021 is to the 2018. Thanks.


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hd = high density (18 x 20 pattern)
d = dense (same as hd)
h = heavy (as in weight of the racket)

if you like it, what else is there to say? also note that the vcore pro line ended with the 2021 series and got renamed Percept, so you may want to check it out as well. they're all basically the same for each line, but there have been minor changes to technology, stiffness, etc. from release to release.


The newer ones are similar, but slightly different. Make sure you buy the same weight as what you have now. Do you have 310g or 330g?