Yonex Vcore Pro 97

I am a bit let down by the PJ shown above. Going off the original hoop pics that were leaked it had more of the current navy blue in it, and the PJ was more matte. I was hoping for just a 'green instead of red' of the current PJ but oh well. Also Tiafoe's sticks have the semi-gloss PJ out of personal preference and that the retail sticks have the more matte PJ of the current line.
ooh, in that case all is not lost. :)
I didn’t realise they were Tiafoe’s sticks. Was at the shops and didn’t have my reading glasses on.....just saw the pics and it was a struggle to read much at all!
From what has been mentioned, I think it will be the same frame as the current model (16x19 version), just with a PJ change and also perhaps some more dampening in the handle.

The 18x20 version is a total mystery though.
Despite Argentina's challenging economic condition, it has managed to produce many top tier tennis players compared to its neighbours. Obviously Tennis Argentina is doing something right.
It's just pure heart and guts, I guarantee you.
Despite all the bad things about this country (socially and economically speaking) the good thing is that we are prepared for almost anything .
We live in permanent crisis, so we deal with it daily, we are already ready for situations of pressure.
However, I think tennis as structure is getting better, at least a bit.
So turns out I can get a VCore Pro 97 in HK for pretty cheap, about $100 new. Or I can get a VCore 95/98 for about $160.

I am leaning towards the VCP just because of price alone. I'm basically looking for a more arm friendly racquet, most notably something that won't put as much stress on my wrist during top spin in comparison to my RF97A. The VCP97 should be the right pick right? Or is the VC95 going to be the better option?