Yonex Vcore SV 95 playsight spin numbers ??


Thank you for reviewing this racquet. I'm interested in pulling the trigger on buying it but I have a question about the racquet review you did. Everyone in the review had hugely higher than average spin numbers reported by playsight.
This isn't a hugely spin oriented racquet with s wildly open pattern. Do you think there was something wrong with the playsight system during this review?

Michelle's numbers were double or triple her usual numbers. Mark's numbers were way up. Andy's forehand numbers were approaching Nadal/Sock territory, too.

Yet, no one mentioned any physics defying ball trajectories. Mark did say his forehands were all landing short, but that was it. On the contrary, Andy said he felt he couldn't control the power of the racquet.... And balls were going deep.

The posted spin numbers don't seem to reflect the playtesters results. The overall rating for topspin was an 83, too.

Can you provide some insight into this racquet and its spin abilities, please?

Thank you, Andrew

TW Staff

Hi Andrew,

I will start off by saying the VCORE SV 95 does have a lot of spin potential and the playtesters did find that they had great access to spin throughout the playtest. When comparing to their racquet of choice, you are right, their numbers are trending up. It could very well possibly be the Playsight machine miscalculated spin potential that day (we have noticed stats can be off if a camera was slightly moved) and we didn't catch it. It could also be that whatever string was in the racquet that day could have also contributed if it was shaped or rough. I just talked to Troy about it and he said he specifically remembers that the SV 95 had above average spin potential for 95 sq in racquets and said it compared with the Burn 95. Between the Spin Vortex technology which increased dwell time to a lower than he normally plays with swing weight (320s), he could really get the racquet whipping around his body and create extra spin. As far as scores go, take it witha grain of salt as everyone is different and if you remove Andy's score it averages around an 87 which is on the higher side for spin potential.

Hope that helps,
Brittany, TW