You can change ONE match result from tennis history...


- Safin vs Thomas Johannson AO 2002 (RG vs Ferrero that year more, but that wasn't close)
- Nalbandian vs Baghdatis 2006 AO (I'd say Wimbledon 2002, but it wasn't close at all so it wouldn't be too realistic, and in USO 2003 he was carrying a few injuries so winning the final would have been really tough, even if Ferrero as an inferior player than Federer)
- Agassi losing the USO final vs Sampras in '95
- Djokovic vs Nadal RG 2013 / vs Murray USO 2012
- del Potro vs Murray Olympics 2016


Stan and Murray are inferior specimens who would not win a lot of slams in other eras, these sorta jokers are not ATGs,
Stan is that loser who has been Fedal's pigeon for more than a decade, Murray is another loser who has never beaten peak Fedal in slams

Meddy/Tsitsi/Zverev would never reach the semi finals in other eras too, these are not champions at any level

Actual ATGs below Novak would have made him retire by 2020 and Fedal themselves would be retired by 2018.

Fedal would have stopped winning slams by 2014-2015 and Novak would have by 2018 if real ATGs had arrived in Thiem/Grigor's gen
Guess with, that kind of ATGs don't grow on trees. You're talking about ATGs level Samprass, Lendl, Djokovic, Federer, Nadal. Even though Big 3 are Gods, they are on level no one will probably achieve anymore.

Stan is a late bloomer, and if it wasn't for injuries he would have win more, at least more Masters.

Sir Andy Murray is easily an all time great tennis player, 3 GS, 14 Masters and 2 Olympic golds, who would have win more in not for his hip injury in 2017.

Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev will be multiple slam winners, and I'll keep repeating that untill they do that, in 2 years max. They are changing the game bearing in mind their height and movement.

Fedalovic will keep winning Slams untill they retire, no matter the competiton. No matter what "era" it is. Especially Djokovic who has proved that in 2021, he's hungry as ever. Honor them.


McEnroe FO final 1984…goat season lost. Really would’ve been amazing if he was able to hold it together after the 1st 2 sets, but alas sport won again…really just would’ve been amazing to see a s&v’er win the French.