You guys ever feel sad watching older matches?



It's too nostalgic, even when I never watched the match before. Just seeing the younger faces of my heroes makes me remember how I took them for granted when they were in their primes. Maybe that is what people will be saying 15 years from now looking at some of the players left in this tournament.


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I definitely feel a bit of nostalgia when I hop on Youtube and remember that there was a time where Roddick was A: an active player and B: hitting his forehand like this.

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Yes, watching matches where Santoro beats Safin makes me feel there was something wrong with tennis at the time.

Thankfully Fed saved us from the muggery that would be Roddick and Hewitt being considered ATGs while Murray not.
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Yeah, matches from 93-2006 especially.
I never saw ATP going so corporate (thought they were a sporting body and not business, naive me) and going in the Big 3/Big 4 direction. Been bored since 2013.


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LOL!!!! How did you get this??? Or do this???
If I were going to do this using Photoplop, I'd put the background image with the original faces on the top layer, with the big 4 faces on the layer below it. I'd erase to transparency certain facial features of the older faces so the big 4 mouth/eye features show through. Not really a big deal these days.