You have to bet a $1,000 - take Nadal/Djokovic or the rest of the field to win 2019 French Open?

Nadal/Djokovic or the rest of the field to win 2019 French Open?

  • Nadal/Djokovic

    Votes: 69 89.6%
  • Rest of the field

    Votes: 8 10.4%

  • Total voters
So Federer doesn't count anymore, i guess?! LOL Apparently, he is "the rest of the field" now...LMAO Honestly though...have to go with legendary duo...nobody is stealing their respective 16th/18th slam this year...i just can't see it...
"Rest of field" includes;

-40 year old Fedr, who us fans are just happy to see win some matches on clay against young lions
-The Thieminator, whose inconsistent and has yet to push Nadal at the French.
-The Zedbot, who has the game but has no confidence
-Fog, never been a factor at the French
-Tsit. Unlikely to do it over five sets. Maybe next year.
-Coric, Schwartzman, Nishikori etc. No chance.

It's higher than 50/50 that the final is Djokodal.
Don't be silly. Anything is possible but it's Djokovic vs. Nadal.

The rest of the field is not good enough. Thiem might do something but I doubt it. I hope I'm wrong. I'm just trying to be logical. There is too much at stake. Djokovic is very pumped up. Rafa is still a clay God.

Fed? Nope. I wish he could do some damage but his chances of winning RG are very small. People who ask for the odds as if that really matters should just google it by the way. It's there.
Life savings on Bull.
So, found accommodations yet? You were overly confident during Rafa's AO run, and he didn't exactly make it rain in the final. This is the most open RG in decades, have no clue who is going to win in June. Betting big bucks on anyone this RG isn't a, well to put it delicately, a rational decision.
Besides those 2, the only one who, in fact, has a great opportunity in RG is Thiem.
Tsitsipas can reach the qf and if he is on the federer side, maybe he can reach the sf.