you might be addicted to tennis

I know this has prolly been posted before but its good for some laughs and there might be some you haven't heard of before


*when you hear it's suppose to rain you think "yes, i wont have practice today"

*when you hear A-Rod you dont think of Alex Rodrigez you think of Andy Roddick

*you find random tennis balls in your car, room, and even your purse

*you have bruises all year around on your shins from swinging through too much on your serve

*you go through a new pair of shoes every month

*you look forward to winter from a break of 130 degrees on court and then look forward to summer from a break of 12 degree windchill

*half of your life you are in shorts and a tshirt or sweatpants

*your heart sinks when you hear "alright, line up for suicides" or "alright, line up for lines."

*you have to schedule dates or outings with friends around tournament schedules and practice schedules
*you look forward to offseason... you know... the 3 weeks in December/ January

*if you live in Texas you are well traveled... you've played in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Abilene, middle of nowhere, Amarillo, Lubbock, San Angelo, and so on...

*your wardrobe consists of Nike, Adidas, and Diadora

*when football players or other athletes complain about practicing in the summer heat, you just sit back and laugh because you know you can last in a 3 hour 3 set match on a 130 degree court

*the week of a tournament your diet consists of Gatorade, water, Gatorade, bananas, pastas, bananas, pastas, water, water, carbs...

*friends stopped calling you and told you to call when you're "FREE" because every weekend they call you and you are somewhere but in town

*you're use to carrying around 20 pounds on your back... its called your tennis bag

*when summer comes everyone has a great tan... and yours is the best... you also win the most interesting TAN LINES competition

*you own 248693 hats

*being sore is something you know and know well

*you know the meaning of the word TREE... and its not a thing you find in the woods

*back to the tan line issue, you have a sock tan, shorts tan, tee shirt tan, tank top tan, ring tan, watch tan, and a hat line tan... you definitely win the most interesting tan lines competition

*people know you around school as the one who plays tennis

*a vacation for you is a 2 day break off of practice

*practice for you consists of working out before school, school tennis, working out after school along with the rest of your other serious team mates

*you have people come up to you in school saying "oh I could so own you in tennis" and when you finally challenge them... you dont even have to hit more than 1 ball

*you have to leave parties early because you either have a tournament early the next morning or things are getting out of control and you dont want to risk getting in trouble

*you are use to getting up at 5 in the morning and
warming up before the sun gets up

*hotels... you know hotels like it was your home

*you have a bag packed and ready to go for tournaments 24-7

*you have missed at least one day of school for a USTA tournament

*you have friends all over your city, state, and all over the country because of playing tournaments

*when you go to a resort or hotel the first thing you wonder is "i wonder if they have courts here"

*you know who Bjorn Borg or Tracey Austin is

*(girls) your hair is in a pony tail 20 hours out of a 24 hour day

*you know what the Australian, French, and US Open and Wimbledon are, where they are played, and what surface they are on

*you know what someone is talking about when they say "i need a new head guard and grommets, and at 60 pounds"

*you know all the new racquets and shoes that are out

*you consider a mile run nothing even though most people think tennis players dont run distance

*plyos, sprints, and weight room are just norms for you

*you know what a P, W, D, and a circle with two lines through it stands for

*you can pick another tennis player out of a crowd just by the way they dress, act, and what they are carrying

*you have been mistaked for a pro walking through the airport with your gigantic bag

*you have broken a racquet by losing your grip on your serve and it smashing into the court

*you know the best resorts and country clubs in your area and in the country... by the tennis facilities

*you have gotten a tan by laying out on a court after a practice before in the summer

*you have pulled a muscle, rolled an ankle, and been overheated

*although gross, you know you will never get rid of those caluses on each of your knuckles, especially the one on your thumb and also the annoying ones on your feet

*you know you will never have soft skin again... it will be dry forever!

*you hate playing leftys if youre right handed and you dont know why

*you love being left handed because the rightys cant figure out how to play you and you DO know why

*you also hate playing tall people because all they have to do is hit down on their serve

*when you walk up at a tournament you look around trying to figure out who your opponent is and then judge them by what they are wearing, what bag they have, what racquet they use, and how they are carrying themselves

* you have too many free t-shirt to count from all the tournaments you play

*if you get all these and are nodding your head at all of them


You know you're a tennis player, when you try to play with your left hand because you have tennis elbow.


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Good stuff, I definitely look for good courts when I am on vacation. I have beautiful tan lines too. The real A-Rod is the one who plays tennis.


i play a lot of tennis, but i could only relate to a few of those things. the one that was bang on target for me was "people know you around school as the one who plays tennis"


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*when you hear it's suppose to rain you think "yes, i wont have practice today"

hmm.. not nessisarly true i think "sweet rain battle" pretty fun except use only one ball cuz the ball gets all soak and won't bounce but, thats a challenge for yea lol


I got all of those except the "TREE" one, and the P, W, D in a circle with a line though it. But I think that one is pwned?

and yes especially the one where you can pick out other tennis players, you are right on the money with these, good job.