You probably hate hitting backhands...


If you run around it on a 120 mph wide serve to the ad side.

If you stand in the ad court during rallies.

If more than 90% of your groundstrokes are forehands.

If more than 90% of your backhands are slices.

Feel free to add on to this list.


It's painfully funny that BH is a huge challenge for every player I play with. It's funny to me because it's so challenging that many have developed unorthodox mechanics to cope with it and won't change. Their postures and their dismay when they hit a lousy shot is what cracks me up.

There are these guys who always shout out "back hand!" whenever they could hit to their oppon's bh. Time for them to come in for a killing. Hehe.


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You probably hate hitting backhands...

-If you run into the side fence trying to run around your backhand to hit a forehand.

-If your name is Moya.


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you probably hate hittin backhands if:

-youre playing Nadal at the AUSOPEN Final

-youre playing Nadal at Wimbledon final

-youre playing Nadal at FO final........


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My backhand is more consistant than my forehand :) and I hit just as hard.

Im still more confident hitting lines with my forehand though.
You might hate hitting backhands if you run around it to hit a forehand slice.

You might hate hitting backhands if your coach asked you to show him one and you slapped him upside the head.


We need tips on how to fix this problem.

You probably hate hitting backhands if you lob the guy at net more than 90% of the time on your bh side.


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if a little kid watching on the side asks if you have ever hit a backhand(happened to me once).

when you win a set hitting 1 backhand(also happened to me once).

Eric J

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You probably hate hitting backhands when you launch balls hit straight at your left side like your name is Griffey...


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yeah the slicing thing is true hahaha. I slice 95% of my backhands lol, maybe more. I've learned to just approach the net if I get a backhand though..