Your 2012 tennis top 10

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    Aug 13, 2012
    Wondering what everyone's favorite tennis moments have been for the year...please include moments from your personal tennis life too!

    Mine include:

    1. My triumphant return to playing and watching tennis after putting it on the back burner for the past 8 years or so. I let having kids sidetrack me from one of my favorite hobbies, and it's felt so good to get back on the court and back in front of the TV watching.
    2. Buying my girls their first rackets and seeing them having fun running around a tennis court.
    3. The sudden death league here on this board. I've always mocked fantasy sports, but I get it now :)
    4. Becoming a Novak Djokovic fan. I started watching tennis again during his match against Tsonga at the French.
    5.The Djokovic-Murray final at the U.S. open and watching Andy win his first Grand Slam.
    6. Riding the Janowicz train through the Paris Masters.
    7. The Djokovic-Murray Shanghai final.
    8. Watching Novak win the WTF.
    9. The coverage of Andy Roddick's retirement.
    10. Federer regaining the #1 spot and Novak getting it back for year end.

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