Your Best Tournament Win


This past weekend I faced a player who I lost to every time last year. I think he beat me 4-5 times. It always worked out where we faced each other 3 times in the first round of tournaments and I walked off the court ticked that I had lost again.

This winter I often thought of the losses and helped me work on things. The latest tournament draw came out, sure enough he and I were matched up in the first round. Driving to the t-ment I wnet over my gameplan (not published in case he is a TW member). The result was a straight setter 6-4/6-2.

This gentleman is a great sportsman, I enjoyed playing him, win or lose. The competition is high as well as the intesity, without the BS that goes along with many matches. I look forward to the next time we match up.


when i was 14, i entered the pre-qualifiers for the '84 olympics in los angeles. it was a huge draw.

i was pretty decent then as a jr. and somehow got to the 3rd round, even beating a seeded div I college player in the 2nd round. i remember the guy was about to have a coronary because he was so pissed that i got to every ball and got it back. but that win was probably why i broke into the top 20 locally and then top 50 in the nation in boy's 14's.