Your Dream Date on the ATP/WTA tour



If given an opportunity, which of the players would like to date?


Ashley Harkleroad. She's married, I'm married....hmmm. She's way younger than me.....


Applez, what's with the crusade to conquer romance at the AO?
J/k, it's all good!

Personally I thought Sprem was looking mighty fine the other day. Too bad we won't get a chance to see her again.
On an outside chance, I'd like closer inspection of Sun Tian Tian. She's got some fine legs!!!:D :cool:


Kirilenko, Ana Ivanovic, Dementieva, Golovin, Mirza, or Dulko, I guess. Just going by looks since I don't know a scrap about most of them. Hantuchova, too. But I can't stand not being able to talk to people so maybe Meghan Shaugnessy.


Honestly... I have a feeling I'd be quite turned off by any of the girls I see... they're just really bulky and muscular. I say Hantuchova and Maria(s) are the hottest though.


Sharapova is a bit tall and possibly a dunce, but that's okay. I like Kirilenko... Karolina Sprem looked good today. And Iveta Benesova. But honestly, put any somewhat pretty girl into a tennis outfit and give her a racquet, and I'll be looking.


Hantuchova -- but ... full disclosure, I'm over 50, so in the interest of being less icky, Let me dip into the ranks of the retired ... Chrissy Evert ... Mary Joe Fernandez ... Mandy Coetzer ... Steffi Graf ... and the incomparable Bettina Bunge.


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I would choose Ivanovic, Vaidisova, Sharapova, Hantuchova and Hingis. Hope I didn't forget anyone. But not like it really matters anyway.:mrgreen:


i would have said hantuchova now that she got a little more weight put on her, but now that hingis is back she goes right to the top of the list!


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Maggie Maleeva - not the best looking but always smiling and humorous - something you will need to get past the first date...

All time fav - Martina Hingis


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Well . . . all of the current players are young enought to be my daughters. My first choice would be Gabriela Sabatini. If she were taken and I wanted to re-live my youth, I'd data Amanda Coetzer.


Without a doubt, my choices (in order) would be:

1.) Hingis

2.) Dulko

3.) Hantuchova

4.) Benesova

5.) Mirza

No, I didn't forget the famous "Maria" - she's hot, but her personality turns me off like a light switch for some reason...


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I'd like to go one on one with a couple of the ATP guys, starting with Safin, Blake, Roddick, Ferrero, and ending with, well, that may be it. Tomas Berdych can be sexy, Ginepri, and I cannot forget the sexiest man ever to play tennis, Jan Michael Gambill. Even the name is pretty.

But to go with one, Safin for sure.


Hingis, but she's got about 4 years on me. So... who's next... Hantuchova or whatever and the girl Alex posted pics of. Ivanovic, was it?


Ivanovic is pretty sexy, she's like 6 feet, 160lbs. Daniela looks adorable on the pic below... might have to make an addition to the list. I think it would do her good though to cover up a bit more... honestly, she has like these band aids covering her waist when she's on the court.