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Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by cak, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Feb 23, 2004
    Last night was a cold windy one: note to self, warm drinks/food would have helped, though the fans really appreciated the gas heaters. Though the chinese chicken salad/pinwheel sandwiches, and wine did go fast. Us captains were supposed to play together, but after morning clinics we decided a sore tennis elbow/ankle/hamstring on her part, and a lingering cold on my part, had us pull both subs in and put them together. I went up early and helped warm up the team, and really felt good about putting in the subs as I wheezed my way through warming them up. These two subs had played together three years ago in 3.0 as partners for a whole season, and had gone 11-0. Because one wasn't a club member she kind of dropped out of our orbit,asked her back when we were short 3.5s. Well, the magic was back and they were great entertainment down on the show court, their streak intact. Not bad for two hours notice. Our other doubles teams were equally impressive. The ladies I had partnered with so far this season played together, and were awesome. Everytime I looked down there they were putting the ball away. The really wonderful win was one of our ladies that had stepped in to play singles the last three matches, and despite wonderful efforts and close games still hadn't gotten a win. But put her on a court in doubles with a good partner and it was poetic. She came off the court radient. Our singles players were valient, especially our 3.0 player playing against a strong, young, former junior tournament player. She was down 5-1 in the second set and brought it back to a tie break. She may of not gotten a win, but she certainly got a ton of respect. So chalk up another fun team win, 3-2. Our season is going much better than expected.
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    Great write up!

    A 'team edition' is a great idea, especially considering that most of us are starting USTA play soon.

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