Your last words?


What would be your last words if you had the chance to prepare a sentence or a short speech and say it before you die?


Thank you for everything. Life was great having people like you around.

I died for a little bit, that is what i would of said if i didnt get another chance, kind of cheating :)

Now i treat my friends and family like its my last day.

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In the internet resistance it was considered a high honor to trigger the troll; it meant you did your job. The highest honor is the troll getting banned while I smugly say to the admin



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I would say Remember and pass my catra on just as Spock did. Hopefully someone will pack me in a sunglasses case and shoot me at another planet to be reborn.


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Two years ago I went into the ER and gave my family my passwords and assets as there was some possibility that I might not be back. I went through that again before a major surgery. I updated my will twice as well. If you could die and you have time to plan, then you try to take care of things for those who will survive you. I think that's more important that writing to others though it's a good thing to do if you have the time and means to do it. People know who and what you are by how you treated them or took care of them or helped them over a lifetime.

I routinely chat with people in similar or worse circumstances. This can happen to your friends and family when you get into your 50s and 60s.


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Interesting: “Almost everyone is calling for ‘Mommy’ or ‘Mama’ with the last breath.”

Earlier this year, when my father was ill and delusional and thought he was going to die, he asked the nurse to fetch his shirt and pants so that he can go visit his mother.

Now that he is back in full swing, he just asks me for money LOL.
Maybe he wants the money to go and visit his mother?


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God bless you all.
That is too simple. I don't have much experience being near dying people, but the impression I got from Bollywood movies is that the dying person does the following:

Always impeccably looking, even on the hospital bed, with a tiny bandaid to indicate serious injury.
Always visited by some estranged friend or relative who comes running after 30 years.
Starts disclosing a family secret to his children about where the secret formula for his company's product is hidden.
Dies half way, but with enough clues given out for the rest of the movie to continue.