Your own personal points system for the ATP tournaments

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  1. Prisoner of Birth

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    Aug 21, 2012
    As the title says, give your own points system for all the ATP tournaments. But don't mess with the designations. The Grand Slams should all have equal rating points just like all the Masters from the same tier have equal rating points. You could even award more points for winning a Masters tournament than for winning a Grand Slam but that's at your own risk. Reasons for a certain points-system would be nice but not necessary. Anyway, here's mine :

    Champion - 2500
    Final - 1500
    Semifinal - 900
    Quarterfinal - 600
    4th Round - 400
    3rd Round - 200
    2nd Round - 100
    1st Round - 50 (including qualifying points)

    200 points for each RR win
    400 points for a semifinal win
    600 points for a final win

    MASTERS (1000)
    Winner - 1000
    Final - 600
    Semifinal - 360
    Quarterfinal - 200
    4th Round - 120
    3rd Round - 60
    2nd Round - 30
    1st Round - 10 (including qualifying points)

    Use the same ratios for the MASTERS 500, 250 as for the MASTERS 1000.

    Olympics - 0 points
    You play the Olympics for your country, and for your pride, not for ranking points or money. I think giving them 0 points would be more respectful than giving something like a 1000 points or a 1200 points. And it wouldn't deserve anything more for being the tournament that it is. So best not have any ranking points for it. This way you won't have skewing of ranking points every 4 years and all years will be comparable.
  2. Prisoner of Birth

    Prisoner of Birth Banned

    Aug 21, 2012
    I meant to post this on the Pro Player board but did it here. Not sure where this belongs. So disregard this one and respond there.
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    Jun 27, 2012
    It might be a good idea to have different points systems for different surfaces. Since hard-court is the most common surface on tour (far too common actually, since it damages players' careers), make hard-court tournaments worth fewer points than clay-court tournaments, and make clay-court tournaments worth fewer points than grass-court tournaments.

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