Your prediction: Does Rafa's RG streak end with a bang or a whimper?


anything... just make it end ASAP.
(we'll even give him a disappearance fee, if needed)

thank you for your generosity: keep donating to save tennis from the topspin plague! :)
OMG!! I'll train hard for the deNadalization myself. Keep the cash ready!! :D

Spike his drink or whatever it takes, gonna do it, no?


I know we're talking about the French here, but I'm pretty sure dogging is illegal in Paris too. If it's going to end with a bang, it'll have to be in the privacy of his own hotel room.

The whimper can come afterwards if the spirit is willing but the knee is spongey and bruised.

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We are talking about Rafael Nadal here.

It does not matter how it ends ... as long as he doesn't do something stupid ... he will be venerated as soon as he announces his Retirement.

It will be the same for Federer and Djokovic when their times come. Although I can see both of them doing a Global "Farewell" Tour.