Your top 5 moments of the year?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by FedExpress117, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. FedExpress117

    FedExpress117 Rookie

    Oct 9, 2009
    1. Federer's speech at this year's AO (Yes guys, Fed actually has a Slam this year, I know hard to believe), it was a stark contrast from last year's tearful loss against Nadal.. and it was also sad to see Murray's tears for not being able to win for his country.

    2. Isner defeating Mahut - the only time I actually jumped from my seat to applaud a player winning a match [I would have done it last year if Roddick would have beat Fed in the W final]

    3. Berdych defeating Federer, and in a more long term aspect obtaining the aspect of his game that has prevented his amazing physical body from getting him to potential top 5: consistency. Plus, some may think Fed is on his big decline, but he still has a Slam this year, so I'll wait till next year before making a serious assumption.

    4. Nadal winning Roland Garros - something which we haven't seen for 2 years, tennis just didn't seem right without him being Champ.

    5. Nadal winning Wimbledon [ I couldn't think of a legit fifth, lol]. This assured men's tennis that there was still a dominant figure to take Fed's thrown [people questioned Nadal's knees and his ability to compete on anything clay]
  2. djokovicgonzalez2010

    djokovicgonzalez2010 G.O.A.T.

    Oct 8, 2009
    SW Virginia, USA
    My very biased ones:

    1) Davydenko def Nadal: 0-6 7-6 (8) 6-4: Choking, comebacks, and fighting spirit, somehow also in a quality match with a miracle comeback for my player being the result

    2) Berdych and Soderling beat Federer: At long last, the guard has surely changed.

    3) Ljubicic winning a 1000: It felt good to have him get one at last, when you thought all was lost

    4) Jurgen Melzer: It is about time

    5) Montanes beats Federer, then stages miracle comeback against Gil in Estoril, just when you thought he'd missed his chances
  3. Telepatic

    Telepatic Legend

    May 5, 2008
    Serbia, Belgrade
    1) Isner / Mahut- Longest match in history

    2) Soderling beating Fed for the first time and that's in a slam too.

    3) Ljubo winning masters.

    4) Nadal back on throne.

    5) (For me) Djokovic rising to #2 playing his absolute worst tennis.
  4. kraggy

    kraggy Banned

    Sep 4, 2008
    1. Meeting up with all my cousins after a long time. Went sight seeing and played lots of board games. Nothing better than family time.

    2. Springbreak in Miami, loads of fun , lots of hot women.

    3. The day we got done with exams and had a huge party.

    4. When my tennis elbow got well enough that I could hit the gym again.

    5. Knowing that the show 'lost' has finally met its end.
  5. meg0529

    meg0529 Guest

    Tennis wise:

    1. Nadal winning Monte Carlo
    2. Nadal winning RG
    3. Nadal winning Wimby for the 2nd time.
    4. When Isner won, felt terrible for Mahut though!
    5. Between Fed-Falla and Nadal-Petz Wimby matches, because I had my heart in my mouth both times!
  6. ChuDat

    ChuDat Professional

    May 21, 2007
    1. Isner-Mahut. no need to explain
    2. Roddick's first Master series title in 4 year
    3. Ljubičić's first master series title
    4. Soderling defeating Federer in a slam and his first win offical win against Fed
    5. Nadal getting a $500k watch
  7. vortex1

    vortex1 Banned

    May 2, 2010
    1) Nadal winning Wimbledon
    2) Nadal winning RG
    3) Federer getting smoked twicein QF by his pigeons
    4) Murray being denied 2 slams this year
    5) Murray crying at AO
  8. 1. Mun

    2. Nadal

    3. Mun

    4. Florian Mayer

    5. Kittens
  9. TheTruth

    TheTruth G.O.A.T.

    Jun 16, 2006
    1. Nadal regaining FO by beating Sod convincingly.

    2. Nadal "defending" his last performance at Wimbledon by winning again.

    3. Nadal surviving the first real test of his career, coming back from injury, personal problems and picking up where he left off.

    4. Serena capturing her 13th major title.

    5. Berdych finally realizing his potential.
  10. 1. Serena capturing her 13th major title.
    2. Serena capturing her 13th major title.
    3. Serena capturing her 13th major title.
    4. Serena capturing her 13th major title.
    5. Serena capturing her 13th major title.
  11. norbac

    norbac Legend

    Aug 4, 2008
    1. Gilles Simon defeating Marchenko
    2. Gilles Simon winning against Korolev
    3. Gilles Simon triumphing over Brown
    4. Gilles Simon beating Alcaide
    5. Gilles Simon breezing through Kuztnetsov
  12. 1. Serena capturing her 13th hamburger.
    2. Serena capturing her 13th milkshake.
    3. Serena capturing her 13th doughnut.
    4. Serena capturing her 13th iced coffee.
    5. Serena capturing her 13th lineswoman.
  13. tacou

    tacou Legend

    Jun 30, 2007
    Isner def. Mahut
    Rafa's return to form
    Soderling firmly establishing himself
    Berdych finding his game
    Roddick winning Miami (would have been better if he'd got IW too)
  14. ledwix

    ledwix Hall of Fame

    Jun 6, 2010
    1. Federer getting to 16 grand slam titles. Staggering.
    2. Roddick winning a Masters after coming back to beat Nadal.
    3. Soderling ending Federer's final four streak at RG
    4. Isner Mahut...
    5. Berdych making it to the finals of Wimbledon. 'Bout time.
  15. srinrajesh

    srinrajesh Guest

    1) Nadal's return to form in 2010. Glimpses in hard courts and confirmed with the clay "SLAM". Wins monaco losing 14 games in 5 matches(Maybe a record to stand test of time)
    2) Soderling beating Federer stopping his SF streak.
    3) Isner Mahut Match at wimby.
    4) Rafa winning the FO Wimby double for the second time.. Only person apart from borg in open era to do it twice.
    5) Berdych beating Federer at Wimby to stop Federer from a 8th consecutive final at wimby. Also relegates Federer to No.3 in world after almost 7 years.
  16. abmk

    abmk Talk Tennis Guru

    Dec 9, 2008
    1. sod def fed, QF, RG 2010

    2. isner d mahut , wimby 2010, 1R

    3. nadal winning RG-wimby double for the 2nd time

    4. federer winning his 16th slam at the AO

    5. roddick def. nadal miami 2010, davydenko def nadal doha , tsonga def almagro - AO, del potro def blake AO
  17. ksbh

    ksbh Banned

    Apr 26, 2006
    1. Reading Sentinel, Kraggy, TLW & Benhur's posts.

    2. SoderKing reaching his second successive FO final proving that he's got the game for the slams, despite the Federer lovers falling off his bandwagon faster than sponsors of Eldick Woods!

    3. Nadal winning the FO-Wimbledon double for the 2nd time.

    4. Jorge Lorenzo winning 3 races in a row to take a huge lead in the world championship

    5. Mark Webber outclassing the scumbag Sebastien Vettel
  18. Gaudio2004

    Gaudio2004 Semi-Pro

    Aug 29, 2008
    My top 5 tennis moments so far...

    5. Nadal being too good for Murray in the Wimbledon SF match, I don't particularly like Nadal, but you can appreciate him being too good for Murray, a very, very talented player.

    4. Isner and Mahut!

    3. Roddick winning a Masters title, just a shame he couldn't win two!

    2. The return of Gasquet; he's not very good, but, at least he's back!

    1. Federer winning the Australian Open.
  19. T1000

    T1000 Legend

    Jul 7, 2008
    1. Hewitt - Beats Federer at Halle after dropping the first to improve his record in grass court finals to 7-0 and ending his 13 match losing streak to Federer. Awesome to see my favorite player do well.

    2. Soderling FO run - proves Cesc' thread is a fail once again and plays insane tennis against Federer, unfortunatly comes up short again

    3. Isner v Mahut - epic, the only word to describe it.

    4. Roddick and Ljubcic winning 1000s - Great to see the old guys come back, and both played great against Nadal

    5. Berdych and Gulbis - Finally living up to the hype. Berd makes a gs final and ms final beating Fed both times. Gublis wins his first title and makes Nadal play his toughest clay match this year and almost beats him, so close. Also beats Federer that tournament, think it was Rome.

    Not tennis wise:
    1. Getting into college with a scholarship and chance to play DI tennis

    2. Visiting my friend at the same school and partying all weekend

    3. Winning three tournaments in a row in USTA and securing a spot in the top 50 in my section for the first time

    4. Prom night - epic

    5. NY Mets aren't out of the playoffs yet and the Flyers made a good run
  20. tennis_guru

    tennis_guru Banned

    Jul 8, 2010
    How did you solve your tennis elbow problem?
  21. aphex

    aphex Banned

    Dec 15, 2008
    athens, greece
  22. swordtennis

    swordtennis Legend

    Feb 3, 2010
    1) smokin a blunt down by the river.
    2) drinking a 5th of Jack down by the River.
    3) drinking a 5th of 44 north Vodka down by the river.
    4) drinking a 5th of Makers Mark down by the river
    5) Swimming in the River.
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  23. ChuDat

    ChuDat Professional

    May 21, 2007
    since some are posting non-tennis moments I thought I'd put mine

    1. Getting a job after 2 months of nothing
    2. Playing Golf(always wanted to)
    3. Tiger returning
    4. NBA Finals
    5. Airsoft tournament, came in 3rd place.
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  24. angiebaby

    angiebaby Semi-Pro

    Feb 27, 2010
    Congratulations! :)
  25. ChuDat

    ChuDat Professional

    May 21, 2007
    Thank you. Its a shame I'm going to have to quit because they're a bunch of idiots who won't let me work around my class schedule
  26. Spider

    Spider Hall of Fame

    Aug 9, 2007
    1) Murray reaching the finals of AO and semi final at Wimbledon proving he belongs among the very best in the world.

    2) Nadal winning the RG and Wimbledon back to back for the second time, and also getting back to his number one position. Becoming the best player in the world again.

    3) Federer winning his 16th slam title at AO

    4) Soderling proving his 09 RG run wasn't a fluke by retaining his finalist points at RG

    5) Berdych finally coming to the party. A semifinalist at RG and finalist at Wimbledon.

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