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From what I have gathered...ATW is needed if your mains end at the throat. ATW will allow you to string the crosses from the top down. I have done x1 piece where an ATW isn't needed. I think in the 6.1 95 you will need to do an ATW.


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Is the around the world stringing pattern the once piece way to string a racquet?

Asking because I have only ever done the 2 piece method and now that I have my 6.1 95s have stopped using hybrid string setups and would love to just use a one piece method for stringing my racquet.

Never done one piece before so looking for a good place to learn how to do it.
Wilson does allow 1 piece bottom up stringing but if I were doing a 1 piece I would use an ATW pattern
How long does it take to learn to string rackets properly? I've thought about buying a decent second-hand machine at some point. Should it have fixed or floating clamps?


Well, if it is worth learning, it is worth learning right. I would suggest learning form a pro - like MRT or at least a certified technician.
Second - you need to decide electric or drop weight. There is also a crank but, I personally do not like them. Very hard to keep calibrated and accurate.
As for clamps. If you get electric, clamps are fixed and you only need a floating clamp if you do some crazy pattern.
Most important part is learning.